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Our Mission

To advocate and advance  fitness & wellness programs and services directed to better the lives of young people (K- College).



Our Purpose

Fit-For-Me Foundation will:

  • Advance the Fitness & Wellness Profession,
  • Support the Fitness & Wellness Industry,
  • Champion Fitness & Wellness Causes, and
  • Support the Community by providing resources, subject–matter expertise, and education.

Our Goals:

  • Recognize the value of young people and education in our communities.
  • Provide a comprehensive formula to lead better and healthier lives including direction and incentives to work out, via speaking engagements by current fitness & wellness experts, sport figures and celebrities.
  • Create awareness of career opportunities available in the fitness & wellness industry.
  • Provide real-life experience in varying professional paths in the fitness & wellness industry through internships and other programs.
  • Develop concrete plans for the pursuit of further education or a career in the fitness & wellness field.

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